International crude oil prices

International crude oil prices

5500 kcal steam coal in Qinhuangdao port is 633-638 yuan / ton, whicInternational crude oil pricesh is about 28 yuan / ton

cents, or 1.35%, to US $44.34/barrel. Financial calendar information express accurate market

In addition, although the performance of EIA data in the evening of yesterday was not as expected by the market, there was a certain gap with the early EIA data, which also supported the current oil price. At the current stage, we need to pay close attention to the correction of oil price. Before the suppression of the former high is not opened, the bearish environment will not be changed, and it will continue to look down at the 43.7 and 42 US dollar level.

US crude oil output will decrease by 240000 B / D to 11.1 million B / D next year, slightly

mention the front high position. Therefore, the rebound of gold will not go too far! As the

arranged in the middle line or not depends on when the daInternational crude oil pricesily line level MACD fast line and

$42.5 resistance and the lower focusing on 40.6_ $40.8. Suggestions for crude oil operation: